Final Project

For my social issue, I decided to campaign for a mock documentary about how people cope with their own mortality entitled, Expiration Date: A Documentary on Death.

Expiration Date is a documentary series dedicated to answering the question: how do humans deal with their own mortality? in this collection, we do a deep dive into the lives of those who know when, and how they are going to die. These include: young adults with terminal illnesses, elderly hospice patients, and inmates on death row. Our aim is to find out what people go through, so we may create content that might help those going through similar hardships feel as though they are not alone. 

I started off by making a few posters, cuz what decent movie doesn’t have a rad poster?

This one’s my favorite

I created a few social media pages, which can be found via these links: Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter

I also made a GoFundme page to help fund the series.

Lastly I made a website to house everything in one space

I enjoyed this class a lot more than I thought I would and am gratful for everything I have learned

-Alexander signing off

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