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Democritisism of democratization

I’m here to talk about the democratization of knowledge? what’s that you ask? Like you don’t already know fellow student of TECM 2300.

Honestly if you won’t take the initiative to find the knowledge for yourself, I guess I will have to tell you. The democratization of knowledge is the acquisition and spread of knowledge amongst the common people.

See, I even added a handy dandy hyperlink to the Wikipedia page that defines the democratization of knowledge. So you can learn about the subject from a 100% reputable source

What’s that? Wikipedia is not 100% reputable? Hogwash! just because anyone with an internet connection can log onto the website at any time to edit an article with whatever information they please without the requirement to back their information with a citation, doesn’t mean that a website is disreputable!

Look they even have a citation page at the bottom created by some of their more diligent editors

Lets just take a look at these citations, I’m sure they are 100% above board. Completely beyond reproach! Look, there’s the article we read in class among these

Let’s just give this a look see

Hm? wait a minute… who’s the author of this piece?

The completely unbiased co-founder of Wikipedia of course

Ah… one really shouldn’t cite oneself. Though the Irony is somewhat titillating

Look, I’m not saying that democratization of knowledge is a bad thing. I’d much rather it be around than not. I just think that we shouldn’t take everything we read on the internet at face value. Even seemingly reputable sites can just be a vicious cycle of information. This sort of thing happens all the time without over site. People will always claim to know best without bias, but that’s impossible unless you are a robot. And no one is a robot, I’ve checked! You shouldn’t even listen to me when it comes to democratization of knowledge to be honest. I haven’t spelled “democratization” correct once while writing this article; and that seems like a pretty important bit of criteria for someone to be considered an authority on any subject.

Basically, don’t trust anyone, it’ll just bite you in the ass. You can trust me on that.


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