Hangover Part Tattwo

Get it? Cuz the article is about the controversy between the artist that designed mike Tyson’s tattoo in the film “The Hangover Part 2”! and “two” is a homophone of “too”! Meaning they sound similar! But they ARE DIFFERENT WORDS! do you get it? ahhh… you got it…

Image result for mike tyson tattoo
“Art”, I suppose

This is the tattoo in question. For those of you who have not had the privilege of seeing this speech impeded behemoth sock the jaw off of various, now retired, pro boxers. Also, for those of you who do not know of the controversy sparked by this tattoo, I will give you the run down. Basically S. Victor Whitmill, Tyson’s tattoo artist, claims that Warner Brothers entertainment stole his artistic property when they supposedly “copied” the tattoo onto the very talented Ed Helms’ face during the filming of Part 2.

Image result for hangover part 2 ed helms
This sexy SOB (tattoo right)

Now I like me some tattoos, and I found this legal dispute to be within my top five litigations involving botched sequels of beloved franchise’s. So you know old lucky will do his best to serve up his half baked ideas as best he can.

For starters, I 100% agree that ANYONE copying art created by someone else, and attempting to pass it off as their own, should die of a particularly nasty bout of cholera. Artists work hard as hell and shouldn’t have to put up with some ass hat tracing their work like a damn kindergartner. They should be applauded for putting in the time it takes to make a decent piece, and the difficulties that go with working on it. This is particularly true for tattooers, as their canvases tend to bleed and bitch unlike in other art forms. They also have to put up with an unfair stigma that they are not real artists simply because they work on human skin. Ya boy has mad respect for those in the tattoo game.

However, That shit on Ed Helms’ face is not a tattoo. It is some black and red makeup made to look like a tattoo. The difference there in being, that the medium changed, and you can’t call it a forgery within the bounds of copyright if the work is done with a different material than the original. For example, If I were to draw the most perfect recreation of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” in sidewalk chalk on the back of a Target receipt. No one is going to claim that I was willfully trying to pass myself off as a mad one eared painter. Moreover, no one in the movie ever tried to pass that shit on Ed Helms’ face off as their original work, it is frequently referred to as the “Mike Tyson Tattoo”.

Even with all of this aside, according to copyright law, a person can only sue another person or entity if they have registered their work with the copyright office within 5 years of it’s creation. Whitmill did not do this, because he was an idiot.

Image result for warner brothers logo
Cool guy Warner Brothers is not petty

Warner Brothers did not get charged with infringment by any criminal court and could have fought the Whitmill tooth and nail for all he had. Instead they through him a bone and settled the matter in civil court without a trial. I doubt they needed anymore bad press with the movie they made getting the WORST reviews possible.

So yeah, this just goes to show that people will sue for anything and we as a species are all greedy little apes who want to take everyone else’s bananas.

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